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Live examples
Grids and tree grids

Complex grid - the first one Complex grid - RTL mode Large table with paging Large table without paging Multiline & images - books Positions and spanning Photo album - images PivotTable - 2D grouping Schools - list and ratings File and directory browser Extended JavaScript API Sharing & synchronization 1 000 000 rows, 1 000 cols


Microsoft Excel sheet TreeGrid sheet TreeGrid sheet - RTL mode

Gantt and bar charts

Gantt & Network chart Gantt & Network chart - RTL Simple Gantt chart Big Gantt chart - 1000 rows Gantt chart tree by grouping Resources usage chart Run chart - bar chart Grouping bars - run groups Joined boxes and containers Line chart and XY charts

Live grid tutorials
Basic (rows and columns)

1. Basic grid 2. Rows 3. Columns 4. Default rows, columns 5. Rows manipulation 6. Rows identification

Cells (types, formats, edit)

1. Edits - inputs & multiline 2. Combos & checkboxes 3. Html, links, imgs, buttons 4. Space buttons & tabs 5. Permissions & validation 6. Cell CSS style & color 7. Conditional formatting 8. Custom controls & editing 9. Events & custom dialogs 10. Column & row spanning 11. Dynamic cell spanning

Tree (rows, columns, groups)

1. Row tree 2. Column tree 3. Grouping rows to tree

Sorting rows

1. Sorting rows

Filter and search

1. Filtering rows 2. Filtering in tree 3. Search & advanced filters


1. Dragging rows 2. Dragging between grids 3. Dragging external tag

Paging (rows, tree, columns)

1. Client root paging 2. Client child paging 3. Client column paging 4. All client paging 5. Adding pages dynamically 6. Server root paging 7. Server child paging 8. All server paging

Master and detail

1. Nested detail simple 2. Nested detail tables 3. Master detail simple 4. Master detail tables 5. Master detail more tables 6. Master detail in tree 7. Master detail trees 8. Nested detail nested deep 9. Nested detail server paging

Calculations (cell formulas)

1. Calculated columns 2. Calculated rows 3. Calculation order 4. Calculated rows in tree 5. Calculation order in tree 6. Calculated attributes 7. Editable calculated cells

Live Sheet tutorials
Sheet features

1. Row and column Index 2. Auto size (auto adding pages) 3. Row&column manipulation 4. Cell manipulation 5. Cell style 6. Editable formulas (ids) 7. Editable formulas (indexes) 8. Cell format 9. Outside edit 10. Auto tree

Live Gantt tutorials
Main bar (Gantt chart)

1. Main bar 2. Discrete main bar 3. Main bar plans 4. Summary tasks

Run bar (Bar chart)

1. Run array definition 2. Run JSON definition 3. Run summary definition 4. Run drag 5. Run groups & API 6. Run bar as task 7. Run box as task 8. Network diagram 9. Run join and drag 10. Run external drag 11. 2 fixed levels containers

Flags and points

1. Flags 2. Points

Display, zoom, paging

1. Header & background 2. Zoom 3. Paging 4. Synchronizing more Gantts

Dependencies & scheduling

1. Constraints 2. Dependencies 3. Schedule tasks 4. Critical path


1. Calendars exclude


1. Resources 2. Availability

3. Dragging external tag

Dragging from and to external sources

Drag grid cells here

Drag Gantt Run boxes here

Value A Value B Value C Value D Drag values to cells in grid

Row A Row B Row C Row D Drag rows as new children to grid

Box A Box B Box C Box D Drag run boxes into Gantt chart
  • TreeGrid provides helping API methods for dragging anything to grid and also for dragging grid content outside any grid.
  • Dragging cell outside grid

    • Attach action


      to the event


      for cell, column, row or for whole grid in <Actions> tag.
    • Define API event OnStartDragCell if you want to conditionally suppress the dragging or change the object shown while dragging.
    • Define API event OnMoveDragCell if you want to conditionally change mouse cursor during dragging.
    • Define API event


      to provide the required action on drop the cell.
    • See Row moving and dragging documentation - DragCell
  • Dragging Gantt Run box outside grid

    • Set Gantt cell or column attribute GanttRunMove to Move, Copy or Remove to let move run boxes outside the row. Optionally set it only for dragging with a key like Shift, Ctrl or Alt or by different mouse button.
    • Define API event


      . It is called both during moving and also on drop. Provide here you custom action especially for drop.
    • See Gantt Run moving and resizing documentation
  • Dragging external tags into grid

    • Define onmousedown HTML event of the tag to be dragged. Return false from it to suppress selecting text. For IE define also onselectstart and return false to suppress selecting.
    • In the onmousedown code you can call


      API function to attach some HTML to mouse to simulate the dragging.
    • For tablets define also ontouchstart with the same code as the onmousedown.
    • Define API event


      to handle the dropping into grid. Here you can provide any action like changing the cell by SetString, adding new row by AddRow, adding new Run box into Gantt chart by AddGanttRunBox, etc.
    • See Row moving and dragging documentation - DragByMouse, Mouse API documentation and Gantt Run API documentation