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Development services

Software development services provided by COQsoft developers team

Our development team can help you to integrate TreeGrid into your application or do the whole web development work with or without TreeGrid for you.

Support development services for TreeGrid users

We can create an example with TreeGrid demonstrating desired features and you can use this example as framework for your TreeGrid application.
It usually takes from few hours to few days depending on the example complexity.

We can create the whole client side part of your application with TreeGrid with static data and simulated server communication.
You will just add the server side code that will generate and process the XML or JSON data for TreeGrid according to our description.

We can create the whole application with TreeGrid according to your specifications;
We will create client side HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML/JSON; server side part in ASP.NET or PHP, with SQL database or another data storage.

If your application is too slow, we can review your existing TreeGrid application and help you to speed it up.
According our experience, we are usually able to speed up the application remarkably, often ten or more times.

We can extend TreeGrid component itself by desired function or technique. The extension must be enough universal to be usable also by other users.
Requested new features can be added only into the last version and will be released in some next version.

We can create new TreeGrid CSS style for you, according to your UI designer's specification.
It takes from 1 day for small modifications to 10 days for complete new style.

Note, support development is paid service that is not covered by our technical support.
Our technical support is for free, see technical support for more information.

Full web application development

We are experts for JavaScript / CSS / HTML development.
Our team has more than 15 years of experience in developing TreeGrid component as premium JavaScript framework and in custom application development.

For client side part we use also other frameworks like AngularJS, React, jQuery&UI, etc.
But we can write full client applications also without any framework, using only pure JavaScript, CSS and HTML code.

For server side part we use ASP.NET or PHP with various SQL servers or NodeJS.

We focus especially on applications showing and manipulating large data sets very fast.
On applications showing and manipulating data in row/column based (1D) or bar based (2D) charts.
And on applications for project management and resource planning.

Development prices and set up

We charge 100 USD per hour work. We always give you fixed price before the work starts to decide if the work results will be worth for the price.

Contact us on with your development requirements.
We will say if we are able to do it, when we will have a time for it and will ask you for information required to estimate the price and time schedule.

After you provide all required information, we will estimate fixed price, required time for the work and expected finish date.
And you will decide to go on or discard the request without any charge.

To start the work we will require your e-mail confirmation and usually some payment.
For small work up to 40 hours and new customers we will require you to pay the whole price on start.
For small work and existing / licensed customers you can choose to pay the whole price on start or after finish.
For larger work for more than 40 hours we will require you to pay first half on start and the second half after finish.

In rare case we find out during the work that our price estimation was really wrong (usually if the work requires more than 150% of the estimated time),
we will pause the work and give you new estimated price and two options to choose:
a) to accept the price change and continue the work,
b) to cancel the work completely and discard the order. In this case we will refund you all money you prepaid for the work.

For very large development works you can hire one or more our developers and pay for them on monthly basis.
In this case no estimation is given, you pay for developer time he spent on the work.
The developer can be hired for 40 hours per week or less.
Note, the exact working hours in day cannot be specified, we can set up just some time window in day for communication, if required.

All our developers are located in Czech Republic, in central Europe, time zone CET (UTC+1).