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Online purchase of TreeGrid licenses | TreeGrid

Online purchase

E-shop to buy TreeGrid license and other items

Here you can purchase the component license with requested features online. To purchase new license, just check the items you want to purchase.
You have to choose one or more components in the first column and one item per development, license and maintenance columns.
In bottom row you will see order summary and purchase button.

You can also upgrade previously purchased license. It is possible to upgrade to the newest version, to another component, features or license.
Just enter your serial code into Upgrade license cell bottom the grid and choose the components and license you want upgrade to.
To renew maintenance fill your serial code into Renew maintenance cell bottom the grid and check the maintenance type on its right side.

After you click to purchase button bottom the grid, you will be redirected to MyCommerce Share*it ( secure payment gateway.
Here you will enter information required to set up the payment and choose the payment type and currency.
  All major types of credit cards are accepted. Also bank / wire transfers and payments by check or PayPal are possible.

Immediately after successful purchase you will receive an e-mail with serial code and login information to download the registered component.
If you ordered source code, you will get also password to download the sources. The e-mail with the password is not sent immediately, but in a week.

We don't accept Purchase Orders directly. If you want to purchase by PO, you have to contact some our reseller. Note, they can have different prices.