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A history of TreeGrid, Gantt chart and SpreadSheet project

21st Jun2024

TreeGrid 17.0 released

New major version is available

The 16.x and prior licenses without active maintenance cannot be used with the 17.x version and require an upgrade.
Official support for 17.x version ends on 21st December 2024.

Content Security Policy - avoid unsafe-inline

TreeGrid code was rewritted to be compatible with CSP and no more requires the unsafe-inline directive.
TreeGrid still uses JavaScript code evaluation (as the most powerful JavaScript feature) and requires CSP directive unsafe-eval.

Using in third party online frameworks

TreeGrid has been updated to work in third party online frameworks like SalesForce LWC.
Added various features for code and html isolation and to permit placing TreeGrid under shadow DOM.
Added example for using TreeGrid in SalesForce LWC.

Added examples for JavaScript frameworks Svelte, Ember and Express.
Added also other new small features and corrected many bugs.
List of all changes
31st Jan2024

New build 16.5.4 released

Corrected the bug in Chrome 121+ with not showing content of added rows or expanded children.
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14th Jan2024

TreeGrid 16.5 released

Choosing cell ranges by mouse for editable formula is available also for other sheets than the edited one.
Editable formulas are updated after moving cell ranges in the same way as in MS Excel.
Added some other minor extensions and corrected various bugs.
List of all changes
5th Mar2023

New build 16.4.3 released

Corrected a few bugs in 16.4.
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31st Oct2022

TreeGrid 16.4 released

Added API DragGanttRunByMouse for dragging Run boxes into TreeGrid from external sources like standard inside dragging.
Added API AddGanttRun and updated Changes for adding new Run boxes to row from server to download run boxes on demand.
See 10. Run external drag tutorial.
Added API RemoveParents and RestoreParents API to remove parents in OnFilter to permit sorting filtered rows among parents.
Added some other minor extensions.
List of all changes
13th Jul2022

TreeGrid 16.3 released

Added coloring cell ranges during formula editing, in the formula text and also in grid.
Added various minor extensions.
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1st Dec2021

TreeGrid 16.2 released

Added various minor extensions.
Added method GetRoutes to get connected tasks and the longest paths in Gantt chart.
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10th Aug2021

TreeGrid 16.1 released

Added import of xlsx data to any grid or Gantt chart. TreeGrid now can exchange its data (save & load) also in xlsx files.
Xlsx comments are now imported as Tip and Tip exported as xlsx comment.
Added various minor extensions to xlsx export.
Updated Gantt zoom fit to zoom also with horizontal scrollbar.
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15th Jul2021

TreeGrid 16.0 released

New major version is available

The 15.x and prior licenses without active maintenance cannot be used with the 16.x version and require an upgrade.
Official support for 15.x version ends on 15th January 2022.

Gantt chart export to xslx as chart

Gantt chart can be fully exported to xlsx as visual chart.
All Gantt objects are exported including bars, images, dependencies, lines, backgrounds, resource charts, etc.
Exported chart respects actual zoom level and sizes.
The exported colors, backgrounds, borders and texts can be styled using XML or JSON settings.
SpreadSheet component is required for exporting Gantt chart as chart!

Dependencies and other extensions to Gantt Run Containers

Dependencies can be assigned also to Gantt Run Containers, the containers can be automatically scheduled.
Containers can have defined also their own HTML content (besides the boxes) like label.
Scheduling was updated also for Run boxes joined directly or with Nbsp boxes.
See Joined boxes and containers.

Display and editing cell content as Tags

By Tags attribute is possible to display value of range cell in visually separated and marked tags.
The tags can be deleted by click to 'x' icon or during editing by backspace.
The tags are usually used with Suggest to choose the tag from suggest list during editing.
See 2. Combos and Checkboxes tutorial.

Other features

It is possible to open or drop xlsx into grid loaded from normal JSON / XML data.
Added API events OnSelected and OnSelectedAll called after the selection is done.
Added default sort button to Toolbar to restore original rows order.
Added Croatian translation.

Added also other new small features and corrected many bugs.
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16th Apr2021

New build 15.1.3 released

Added actions for hiding and showing sheets and corrected various bugs in 15.1.
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28th Feb2021

TreeGrid 15.1 released

Added various minor extensions especially to Gantt manipulation, Gantt availability chart and xlsx export.
Added financial functions xirr, xnpv, pmt, ipmt, ppmt, fv to editable formulas.
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23rd Nov2020

New build 15.0.23 released

Added possibility to import and export csv and xlsx together and corrected a few bugs in 15.0.
List of all changes
5th Oct2020

New build 15.0.20 released

Corrected a few bugs in 15.0 and updated scheduling tasks on different excludes.
List of all changes
30th Aug2020

New build 15.0.17 released

Corrected a few bugs in 15.0.
List of all changes
28th May2020

New build 15.0.14 released

Corrected a few bugs in 15.0 and in TreeGrid.dll/so.
Added example for Vue project created by "vue create ...". Updated PHP examples for PHP 7.4.
List of all changes
5th May2020

New build 15.0.10 released

Corrected various bugs in 15.0, especially in row and column adding and removing and in Names in sheet.
List of all changes
21st Apr2020

TreeGrid 15.0 released

New major version is available

The 14.x and prior licenses without active maintenance cannot be used with the 15.x version and require an upgrade.
Official support for 14.x version ends on 21st October 2020.

Rich text / HTML editor

Using EHtml and Auto type TreeGrid can edit HTML text as WYSIWYG editor, inside cell.
Supported are all standard style changes like bold / italic style, underline / overline / strike including color and style lines, border, text color, shadow and background, text horizontal and vertical alignment and subscript / superscript, font size and name, inserting hyperlinks and images, etc.
The functions are accessible via toolbar buttons or by key shortcuts or from popup menu.

Inserting and editing images

Possible to insert local image files into cell values in HTML editor or as floating images like in MS Excel. The images can be chosen in system dialog or dropped to grid.
The images can be modified by mouse dragging, they can be resized, moved, rotated, cropped and changed opacity.
The images can be downloaded and uploaded directly in the cell value or attribute as "data:...".

Rewritten xlsx import and export

The new xlsx import / export supports more xlsx features, including cell and sheet locking, formula hiding, all images including svg, hyperlinks to other sheets, cell free rotation, centering value in more cells, styles, format, border and permissions for whole rows and columns, defined names in formulas.

Full support for JSON format

All TreeGrid base XML files like Defaults.xml, Text.xml and language files are now available also in JSON format.
All TreeGrid HTML examples and all tutorials are now available also in JSON format.
Short and extra short format can be used also in JSON.
Added attribute Json to switch TreeGrid to JSON mode to basically load JSON files instead of XML.
Updated JSON format to accept array of strings instead of long string and to accept JSON objects for TreeGrid JSON strings (e.g. in GanttRun definition).

Auto row and column tree

TreeGrid can create automatically row tree according to row Level attribute. The row tags are not nested in this case.
The main column can be automatically resized according to actual count of row tree levels.
TreeGrid can create column tree according to column Level attribute. It automatically adds the rows with expand/collapse buttons and tree lines.
Column tree supports indenting / outdenting columns and adding, deleting, copying and moving columns in the tree.
The row and column trees can be hidden by users and still use the tree features.

Compiling all TreeGrid files into GridE.js

With purchased TreeGrid source codes it is possible to compile all TreeGrid required files (Defaults.xml/js, Text.xml/js, language TextXX.xml/js files, JSZip JavaScript file(s) and responsive CSS style files) to GridE.js to produce standalone script without a need to load anything externally.
It is also possible to compile layout and data into GridE.js to produce the standalone file without any communication required.
Useful for using TreeGrid in frameworks with problematic file structure like Angular.

Other features

Added contrasts to TreeGrid responsive styles, to display the grid brighter / sharper or softer / dimmer. Can be changed by users in configuration or toolbar combo.
Added dynamic locks to grid, with various options to lock only some features or cells.
Updated inserting and editing hyperlinks.
Updated inserting files to File type, including dropping files by mouse.
Updated actions to event assignment to choose affected cells, the action names can end not only with F, but also by FSARCWO.
Added cell attributes Pattern and PatternColor to set cell background patter or gradient fill.
Added color and style definition and assignment for underline / overline / strike.
Rows and columns can be frozen / unfrozen dynamically.
Vertical scrollbar can be displayed shorter only next to body rows.
Improved momentum scroll to synchronize grid sections also during scrolling.
Cells can be spanned automatically according to their content.
Extended Rotate attribute to rotate cell by given number of degrees and also display the cell text vertically not rotated.
Filter row support wildcards like '*' and '?'.
Focusing whole rows and columns and change style, format, border and other their attributes.
Added fractional numbers to format numbers by "/" character as "/??" or "/2" or "/3".
It is possible to show in grid expected page breaks to see how the grid will be split for printing.
External edit and focus can be set by TreeGrid attributes without external code.
Added automatic boolean type to Auto type to display true / false, it can be explicitly set by "!" format.
Preserved focus and scroll position after sort, filter and group especially in server paging, including TreeGrid server DLL / SO .
TreeGrid server DLL / SO works now also in 64bit PHP. It provides better support for sharing and synchronization.

Added also other new small features and corrected many bugs.
List of all changes
7th Jan2020

Added Chinese translation

TreeGrid has been translated to simplified Chinese language and were corrected some bugs in other translations.

10th Jul2019

New build 14.1.3 released

Corrected various bugs in 14.1.
List of all changes
16th May2019

TreeGrid 14.1 released

Updated to better support JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React or Vue.
Rewritten and extended TreeGrid API declarations for TypeScript.
Added examples and documentation for TreeGrid in Angular 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, React 15, 16, Vue 1, 2, other JavaScript frameworks and NodeJS server.
TreeGrid script can be downloaded on demand automatically when required (GridED.js script).
Added various minor extensions to xlsx and csv export and import, like support of protected xlsx.
List of all changes
1st May2019

New build 14.0.13 released

Corrected various bugs in 14.0.
List of all changes
27th Mar2019

New build 14.0.12 released

Added new example "Standalone" to standard package to show grid in single html file without loading any external scripts, styles and data.
Corrected some bugs in 14.0, especially the not shown minus when editing formatted negative number.
List of all changes
5th Feb2019

New build 14.0.10 released

Updated date formats for translations, including in Gantt chart, added new predefined two letter date formats.
Added new languages English (GB), German, French (FR and CA), Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (PT).
Corrected some bugs in 14.0.
List of all changes
22nd Jan2019

Looking for TreeGrid translations

We would like to translate TreeGrid texts and date, time and number formats to other languages.
We are looking for developers who use TreeGrid and want to or already translated TreeGrid to their native language.
We pay 200 USD for every translation to other language.
We need to translate the main TreeGrid texts (Text.xml), including the date, time and number formats.
And control texts (not the content texts) of our six title examples: (only the <TextXX> section at the end, texts in !...! - First, Books, Gantt, Run, RunSources, Excel, Sheet).
If you are interested, please contact our technical support for more information.
Please note we are looking only for translators who know well both the language and TreeGrid.
22nd Jan2019

TreeGrid 14.0 released

New major version is available

The 13.x and prior licenses without active maintenance cannot be used with the 14.x version and require an upgrade.
Official support for 13.x version ends on 22nd July 2019.

Rewritten print to PDF

Printing to PDF now uses Google Chrome or Chromium headless (version 60+) for HTML to PDF conversion, thus TreeGrid in PDF looks like TreeGrid in HTML.
Chrome and Chromium are available for Windows 7+, Mac OS X Yosemite+ and Linux. No other third party software is required for the PDF export now.
The printed PDF better preserves the page size settings and number of printed pages, especially with Gantt charts.
It is possible to print specified page range.

Server paging in child pages

Now it is possible to download particular part of row's immediate children, visible due scrolling.
To handle rows with many immediate children.
Updated TreeGrid server dll/so to support server paging in child pages.

Languages and translations

Now is possible to change or replace any TreeGrid displayed text to another language for easy translations.
Added list of languages to switch TreeGrid to another language without reloading it.

Updated filters

Filter can hide only parent rows without hiding their children.
Possible to specify which row types (defaults) will be affected by which filter.
The found rows that fulfill the filter condition can be highlighted.

Extended Master / Detail / Nested relations

Added support for deep nested master / nested detail grids.
Added server paging to master / nested detail grid, including deep levels.
Full support of undo / redo in the master / detail grids.
Various other updates in master / detail grids.

Other features

Possible to hide parent row and still display its children, on the same level or on the original level.
Updated and extended synchronization between Gantt charts.
Editing percent numbers.
Possibility to predefine attributes for more row cells at once.
Added reference by asterisks for predefined date and number format in Format string.
Support for custom import of files by drop or open.
Styles for dialogs, menus and messages were separated from Grid.css to Dialog.css. Only in responsive CSS styles.
Updated uploading to completely serialize actual data to support recreating grid from only this data.
Updated copy & paste in tree and inside TreeGrid.
Extended JSON Menu, added support for horizontal menus as toolbars, added various other attributes.

Added also other new small features and corrected many bugs.
List of all changes
6th Sep2018

New build 13.3.13 released

It corrects various bugs in 13.3, especially the missing Sheet module in Undo / Redo.
List of all changes
19th Mar2018

TreeGrid 13.3 released

Rewritten editing dates routine, added support for many formats, e.g. with month by name or shortcut.
Updated and corrected copy & paste via clipboard, e.g. copying & pasting Gantt with dependencies.
It contains other minor changes and corrects many bugs in 13.0 version especially in printing, Gantt scheduling and RTL.
RTL module is now included in default trial package. Added three basic examples for RTL: First, Gantt and Sheet.
List of all changes
23rd Jan2018

TreeGrid 13.2 released

It contains a few minor changes and corrects many bugs in 13.0 version especially in PDF export.
List of all changes
8th Oct2017

TreeGrid 13.1 released

TreeGrid now supports RTL (right to left) direction texts and Persian Hirji dates and calendar also in version 13.x.
Added selecting to Gantt Run Containers.
It contains other few minor changes and corrects many bugs in 13.0 version especially in Google Chrome.
List of all changes
31st Jul2017

TreeGrid 13.0 released

New major version is available

The 12.x and prior licenses without active maintenance cannot be used with the 13.x version and require an upgrade.
Official support for 12.x version ends on 2nd January 2018.

New responsive CSS styles

TreeGrid changed its look. It contains new five CSS styles - Standard (default modern style), White (gray and white style), Black (inverse black and gray style), Material (material design style), Turq (high header, no borders). Not available in IE9 and older and in Safari 6.0 and older.
All the new styles are responsive, they contain nine different sizes, from very small to very big - Tiny, Mini, Small, Low, Normal, Wide, High, Big, Giant.
It is possible to set different style for grid and Gantt chart.
TreeGrid can be also scaled or placed to scaled external tag.
The style size and scale can be automatically decreased if space for the grid is not enough large.


Many of TreeGrid actions can be animated. All the animations can be fully customized in input xml/json data or in CSS.
It is possible to animate all row and column manipulations like show, hide, expand, collapse, add, delete, move, copy, select, filter, etc. Cell manipulations like focus, fill, paste, calculate, mark, etc.
And dialog actions like show, hide menu, calendar, hint, tip, message and changes in calendar.


Full xlsx control
TreeGrid can directly open local or remote xlsx file by dragging it to the grid or by opening it in system open dialog. A user can edit the xlsx file and save it back, by standard download dialog.

More sheets
TreeGrid can edit xlsx file containing more sheets, show the sheet list as tabs and manipulate them - edit, add, delete, copy, move and rename them.
Added new type to automatically display all the sheets in xlsx in space row and permit a user to manipulate them.
Cell editable formulas can contain references to other sheets or sheet ranges.

Extended formulas
Added more than 200 new functions from MS Excel to editable formulas.
The editable formulas syntax is compatible with MS Excel, including operators ^ & ! and space and all function names and their parameters.

Cell type Auto
Added automatic type named "Auto" to contain strings, numbers and dates.
Extended dynamic format and added new format strings for numbers and dates.
Dynamic style and format buttons and combos on toolbar update its state according to the focused cell. Adding and displaying custom formats.


Run containers
Run boxes can be placed to containers to manipulate them together. The containers can be nested in unlimited levels. The containers can be resized, moved, copied, added and deleted.

Other features
Rewritten algorithm for shifting error (overlaid) Run boxes.
GanttMark can display a text inside, to display not interactive static label in Gantt chart.
GanttBackground and exclude units can be rendered as <svg> to remarkably speed up large backgrounds.


Window scroll
Horizontal and / or vertical scrolling in grid can be disabled to use window or some parent tag scroll.
It is now compatible also with all paging types (Paging, ChildParts, ColPaging and GanttPaging) - the pages are loaded or rendered on demand when window scrolls.
The scrolling can be disabled also automatically on small displays when there is not enough room for the grid to use its own scroll.

Other features
Drag icons to show row drop position also in plain grid.
Default sort. TreeGrid stores rows order on start to restore it later on demand.
Dragging space tabs or buttons inside its section. Deleting tabs or buttons from space row.

Added also other new small features and corrected many bugs.
List of all changes
3rd Apr2017

New build 12.1.19 released

It corrects various bugs in 12.1.
List of all changes
14th Feb2017

CSS style correction

TreeGrid CSS styles change to correct bug in Chrome 56+ that does not show tree lines and icons in deep tree.

16th Oct2016

TreeGrid 12.1 released

New export to xlsx.
The new export produces original binary xlsx files that can be opened in MS Excel with no warning message.
The exported xlsx file can be saved directly to disk without any access to server (except in IE9 and older).
Added new options for export, like export only selected cells or freeze left columns and top rows. The export can be done also for server paged grids.
The export to xlsx can export many dynamic cell attributes, especially in Sheet.

New Media rules for responsive web design.
It is possible to change various TreeGrid layout settings, especially row / column / cell visibility and sizes according to actual viewport size or some defined tag size.
TreeGrid updates according to the Media definition dynamically whenever the vieport or tag size changes.
It is also possible to do particular changes for printing, export and CSS style change.

Redesigned configuration menus (Cfg, Columns, Print/PDF, Export).
Both Cfg and Columns menus can show columns, rows to display and TreeGrid options to set.
Print/PDF and Export menus can show also rows to choose them to print / export or not.
All the menus support splitting items to columns, also in different groups.

TreeGrid can be controlled on desktop touch screens like on tablets. By default in Chrome and Safari and if permitted in Firefox and Edge.
Updated behavior on tablets and mobiles, especially on Android.
Added mouse and touch events for long click / tap.
Added pinch zoom to the Gantt, by default it is assigned to Gantt header.

Updated and extended print option fit to one page (PrintZoomFit attribute). It is shown in print menu by default.
If set, shrinks the printed grid to one page vertically and / or horizontally, regardless on print page size, margins and orientation.
It can also optionally enlarge printed grid to fill the whole page vertically and / or horizontally.

It is possible to define any count and names of data sources for download by <treegrid> / <bdo> parameter Source.
Rows visibility can be saved to cookies or can be uploaded to server.
Added AlternateStart attribute to better control row color alternation.

Updated SafeCSS mode to support more CSS frameworks and boilerplates.
Correct frameworks (SafeCSS not required): Bootstrap, jQueryUI, Material Design, SemanticUI, Siimple, ResponsiveCat, Sculpt, UIkit, ModestGrid, Schema, MetroUI, YAML, Aeon, Clank, Pure, Less, 960Grid, Unsemantic, HTML5 Boilerplate, Tachyons, BassCSS, Normalize, FontAwesome, Animate, ProfoundGrid.
Intrusive frameworks (SafeCSS required): Foundation, Skeleton, Leaf, Materialize, Cascade, Baseguide, Turret, Concise, Blueprint, Gumby, Kube, Base.
Intrusive frameworks that require manual setting of SafeCSS: ResponsiveGrid.
Very intrusive frameworks, not recommended for TreeGrid: Tuktuk.
As there are many CSS frameworks available, we cannot test all of them, if you find out that some CSS or JS framework breaks down TreeGrid, let us know and we will test and correct it.

Added new examples for AngularJS 2 and React frameworks and updated example for AngularJS 1 framework. Download package.
Added full TypeScript definition for TreeGrid API.

Added also other new small features and corrected few bugs since 12.0.
List of all changes
6th Jun2016

New build 12.0.16 released

It corrects various bugs in 12.0.
Added new CSS style Material according to Google Material Design specification.
Added new example package for download demonstrating AngularJS with NodeJS and REST API.
List of all changes
25th May2016

New build 12.0.15 released

It corrects various bugs in 12.0.
List of all changes
20th April2016

New build 12.0.13 released

It corrects various bugs in 12.0, especially tree icons in Chrome 50 strict and refreshing Gantt chart.
It corrects also Excel example, editing in top space row.
List of all changes
17th April2016

TreeGrid 12.0 released

New major version is available

The 11.x and prior licenses without active maintenance cannot be used with the 12.x version and require an upgrade.
Official support for 11.x version ends on 17th October 2016.


Added new component named SpreadSheet.

Customers with license for TreeGrid without Gantt chart with active maintenance can freely change the license to SpreadSheet or continue with TreeGrid license without change.
The change can be done in registration page, only once before downloading the component.
By changing license to SpreadSheet the customer will get the new SpreadSheet features, but lose some TreeGrid features like tree or grouping.
For more information about the SpreadSheet and TreeGrid features and modules see component list.
Or it is possible to upgrade the TreeGrid license to TreeGrid with SpreadSheet license in our e-shop.
Licenses Gantt chart and TreeGrid with Gantt chart cannot be changed to SpreadSheet, they can be upgraded in our e-shop.

The SpreadSheet contains these new features that are not included in other components.

Editable formulas in any cell like in MS Excel. The formula starts by '=' (can be customized) and can refer any other cells or cell ranges.
The editable formulas can use all standard operators and expressions and many built in functions for math, date, conversion and summary calculations.
All the formula functions and operators can be localized.
Suggest menu to choose formula function.
Choose cell or cell range by mouse click or dragging during editing the formula.

Dynamic border. Every cell can have set its border with different thickness, style and color. The borders between cells are shared.
The cell/row/column border can be changed by users. The border can be saved, loaded and its change can be undone / redone.

Dynamic style. Every cell can have set its text color, text shadow color and style, background color, font name, font size and font style (bold, italic, underline, strike, overline, small caps).
Every the cell/row/column style attribute can be changed by users. The style attributes can be saved, loaded and their change can be undone / redone.

Dynamic format. The cell type and format can be changed by users, can be saved, loaded and their change can be undone / redone.
Automatic type. The cell type (and format) can be automatically chosen according to actual cell value. The type is changed on grid start, after cell is edited and after cell editable formula is recalculated.

Row and column index. The rows and columns can show their indexes with or instead of their ids or Names. The index can be generated in various ways like 1,2,3,4 or A,B,C,D.
The index is updated whenever the row/column positions change. The indexes replace UpCounter, that is still available also in TreeGrid license.
Auto rows and columns. The rows and columns can be automatically generated on grid start and / or scroll down or right end the grid.

Mass changes. All the mass cell changes were updated and call standard cell events like OnValueChanged.
In sheet there is possible to specify which attributes will be affected by the mass changes (e.g. Type, Format, Border, ...).
Mass cell changes are: Clear cells, Copy cells, Move cells, Auto fill cells, Copy & Paste, Copy row(s), Copy column(s), Add row(s), Add column(s).


Extended GanttAvailability chart by various features, e.g. by stacking the bars.
Added various minor features in Gantt chart.

Grid + shared with Gantt & Sheet

Extended TreeGrid actions and cell popup menu.
Now the cell popup menu can call any TreeGrid action except dragging ones. Added also various new actions to provide more actions on TreeGrid data and show them in the cell popup menu.
The popup menu automatically hides or grays not suitable actions for actual state / cell. It can also contain JSON menu definition with actions in submenus.
Nearly all TreeGrid actions can be called with the second parameter true to test actual possibilities of the action and do nothing.

Implemented column manipulation like for rows.
Added attributes, API and actions for column selecting, adding, copying and deleting.
It is possible to display row with column Panel with buttons for column select, delete, copy and any custom action.

Extended mass cell changes in grid (clear, copy, move, fill, paste, validate), now all the changes call basic API actions like OnValueChanged and check cell edit and validate restrictions.
Mass changes can show result message with error list.
Added new actions and API to clear cell or cell range.

Changed and sped up scrolling on touch screens. Implemented momentum scroll on Mobile Safari browser.
Select all rows icon in header and select all columns in index column can show actual state if all rows are selected or not.
Added Type File to select one or more local file from disk and show them in cell and / or upload them to server. Added Button/Icon types File and Clear for the File type.

Added also other new small features and corrected many bugs.
List of all changes
29th Sep2015

New build 11.0.12 released

It corrects various bugs in the 11.0.
List of all changes
1st Sep2015

New build 11.0.11 released

It updates compatibility with Microsoft Edge browser.
It corrects various bugs in the 11.0.
List of all changes
22nd Jun2015

New build 11.0.10 released

It corrects various bugs in the 11.0.
List of all changes
26th May2015

New build 11.0.9 released

It corrects various bugs in the 11.0 especially on tablets.
List of all changes
10th May2015

New build 11.0.8 released

It corrects various bugs in the 11.0.
List of all changes
3rd May2015

TreeGrid 11.0 released

New major version is available

The 11.0 version is partially incompatible with custom CSS styles for 10.x and older version.

The 10.x and prior licenses without active maintenance cannot be used with the 11.x version and require an upgrade.
Official support for 10.x version ends on 3rd November 2015.

Our web pages have new design.


Extended Run bar dragging, joining, changing, selecting and groups. Join directly or with space (nbsp), interactive nbsp box, various options to drag joined or selected boxes together or to split them. Permit moving run box only vertically. See Run join and drag tutorial

Extended GanttMenu and GanttRunTypes to define more and different menu items to choose and change any box attributes.
Added tip (GanttDragTip) shown during Gantt item dragging to show its drop date, duration or other information.
Extended GanttAvailability chart by various minor features.


Many of the new Grid features are demonstrated in new Excel example.

CSS styles for grid were completely rewritten (the whole Grid.css). Gantt styles (Gantt.css) have been unchanged.
Now they are fully structured and commented to better support creating custom CSS styles and all styles are compatible with all combinations of TreeGrid cells/icons/button etc.
The Robust style was replaced by Round style.
There were added new CSS classes and updated meaning of some other CSS classes to better support the new design.
Added UseButton attribute to show CSS styled button or HTML <button> buttons.

Focus cursor was extended. Now there can be focused more cells in rectangle like in MS Excel.
The focus cursor edges are now interactive and can be dragged e.g. to move or copy the focused cells to another area.
Added interactive right bottom corner to be dragged by mouse e.g. to auto fill the dragged area.
The focused cell can be automatically selected by SelectingFocus.
The editing cell can be moved inside the focused are by tab or enter.

Extended auto fill feature to fill focused rectangle by source cells in original focused rectangle in chosen direction.
Auto fill supports also basic calculation of number sequences.

Extended editing. It is possible to edit not focused cell (to not change focused area only for editing).
Added EditSelect attribute to not select the edit input value on start in specified cases. On mouse click it places the edit cursor on the mouse click position.
Extended AcceptEnters attribute to finish editing by Enter and placing new line by Ctrl/Shift/Alt + Enter.

Added row resizing, the row height can be resized by mouse dragging.
The resizing can be undone. The rows' heights can be saved to server.

Added attribute VAlign to vertically align row content, including side button, icons, tree and custom classes.
Alignment can be top, middle and bottom.

Extended Undo. Undone can be also resize row/col, select cells, focus cells, Sort/Filter/Search.
The undo can go beyond save and can be used also with AutoUpdate.

Updated handling API events by methods (renamed from) TGSetEvent (SetEvent), TGAddEvent (AddEvent) TGDelEvent (DelEvent) and added function TGGetEvent.
Every API event handler can now return null to ignore the event, except OnCorrectDependencies that must return undefined due backward compatibility.

Button Icon can be shown also below or above the button text, side specified by IconAlign.
Standard Toolbar buttons can show also caption as ButtonText, along with the icon, on side specified by IconAlign.
The text and icon position can be controlled globally by ShowButtons attribute and it is saved to cookies.

Added attribute ColorCursor to highlight hovered, focused and selected cells on specific side rows and columns.
Updated column sections widths and their resizing and synchronizing between grids, also individually.
Updated adding row and column pages by API.
Bool and Radio types support custom icons by BoolIcon / RadioIcon.
Extended Alternate colors, to color more rows by Alternate and to control alternating the colors on pages and in tree.
TreeGrid configuration can be saved also to sessionStorage, not only to localStorage.
Cells can be dynamically spanned between column pages - the column pages are merged similarly to row pages.
TreeGrid now supports RTL (right to left) direction texts and Persian Hirji dates and calendar also in version 11.x.

Added also other new small features and corrected many bugs.
List of all changes
7th Dec2014

New build 10.0.14 released

It corrects various bugs in the 10.0.
List of all changes
26th Jul2014

New build 10.0.13 released

It corrects various bugs, especially JavaScript error during dragging in Chrome 36.
Released also new build for 9.3. core to correct the dragging bug in Chrome 36.
List of all changes
18th May2014

TreeGrid 10.0 released

New major version is available

The 10.0 version is partially incompatible with 9.x version in Gantt chart! See document Upgrading from 9.3 to 10.0.

The 9.x and prior licenses without active maintenance cannot be used with the 10.x version and require an upgrade.
Official support for 9.x version ends on 18th November 2014.


Main bar is extended to support more parts and also more plans in one Gantt cell. Like discrete bars and baselines in MS Project.
The count of main bar parts and plans is not limited. Every the main bar plan can have attached dependencies, different resources and percentage completion. The dependencies can be also between bars in different plans.
Flow bar has been abandoned and replaced by the discrete main bar.
Every main bar part and plan can have different text or HTML inside and on both its sides. It replaces abandoned Format text.
Added API methods and events to easily manipulate with the main bars, individual parts and plans.
Added disabled (inactive) and locked (read only) temporary state for main bar. Can be different for the individual plans and is changeable by users.

Run bar is extended. Every Run box can be Gantt task and can have its own dependencies, resources and percentage completion and can be scheduled.
Dependencies can be also between boxes in the same cell. It is possible to show various charts like PERT chart - network diagram.
Added JSON format definition of Run boxes inside its GanttRun.
Added left and right side text and HTML for every run box.
Possible control when joined run boxes will be manipulated together.
The individual run boxes can be selected by a user by click or by dragging a rectangle. The selected boxes can be manipulated together. Added also API for selected boxes.
The run box ids can be generated automatically according to various options.
The run boxes can be moved on different vertical levels.
The overlaid (error) run boxes can be shifted vertically to show them all. The cell height can be automatically updated according to show them.
The individual run boxes or the whole run bar can be disabled or locked by a user.
The run boxes can be wider than their duration to display enough text in network diagram.

Dependencies are changed and extended. Every dependency line can have different color and shape. There are predefined 10 different colors in 4 shapes in every TreeGrid style.
It is possible to define different color and shape for default, incorrect and disabled dependencies.
It is possible to automatically assign different colors to lines to the same point. Also generate dependency colors dynamically by API.
Dependencies can be between every run box and between different main bar plans. There can be unlimited dependency lines between two boxes or bars.
The dependency lines are interactive. On mouse hover they can show any tooltip and on click can changed, deleted or popup menu shown.

Scheduling algorithm was rewritten. It is possible to schedule from start or from finish.
Added various options how the tasks can be moved to correct dependencies, especially the 3 strict variants.
Added manual constraint as the minimal or maximal date where the bar was moved by a user.

Added horizontal paging in Gantt by scroll - to render only visible part of Gantt chart. Maximal Gantt column width for paging was increased to 1 193 049 pixels.
The Gantt type pager was extended, added cursor showing actual horizontal scroll position. Updated and extended zooming actions in the Gantt pager.

Added GanttLines as movable vertical lines with custom color and tooltip, the same for the whole chart. The GanttBase and GanttFinish are now hovered and can have tooltip.

It is possible to define any new Gantt time units, even with variable duration, e.g. three days.
All Gantt objects can be vertically positioned in their cell. The bars can have specified also their height. The Gantt cell height is automatically changed according to its content, to show all the Gantt objects fully.
All Gantt icons on the same place can be slightly shifted to be partially visible and accessible.
During dragging of any Gantt object can be shown vertical line on both its sides to show the actual dates.
Every Gantt icon (milestones,flags,points,constraints) can be customized at least per row, including the hovering icon.
Availability and resources charts are extended. The parts can be split or join by defined units. The values can be summed in defined units.
The Gantt CSS was rewritten and separated to its own CSS file.

Gantt chart now can be controlled by one finger on touch screens (iPad or Android tablets).

Gantt tutorials were rewritten.
The Gantt module was split to feature Gantt modules to allow to compile only selected Gantt features into TreeGrid script.


Added support for automated testing. All TreeGrid cells, Gantt items and other TreeGrid parts can have its own HTML id attribute.
Added reversed tree to display row tree like MS Excel summary outline, children above their parent.
Added header main column cell attribute Levels to display tree level buttons like in MS Excel outline to show given tree level.
TreeGrid is compatible with Safari 7.
Added many other small features.
Added Basic and Dragging tutorials.
Grid is updated for iPad and other tablets, to be better controlled by one finger, especially dragging and scrolling.
List of all changes
13th Dec2013

New build 9.3.11 released.

It updates compatibility with Mac Safari 7 and iOS 7.
List of all changes
18th Oct2013

New build 9.3.10 released.

It adds compatibility with IE11.
List of all changes
11th Aug2013

TreeGrid 9.3 released


Run groups were extended to load all Run attributes (like Text, Tip or Class) from child main bars.
Flags were extended. Can be shown as icon with text box or only text box. Flags can be dragged to another row. Added API to control the flag content and changes.
Dependency lag and span can be set in duration percentage or can be generated dynamically by API.
Zoom level, position and Gantt width can be synchronized between grids.


Pivot tables were extended. Added cell type Select pivot to select predefined pivot into PivotRows/Cols/Data. Added API events called when generating pivot. Pivot settings can be saved to cookies.
Added UpCounter attribute to show row up-counter column with row numbers always from 1 increased by 1, regardles on sort, group or filter position.
Added three states checkbox in tree that reflects changes in parent / child rows (Icon='Check').
ColPaging can be supressed in fixed rows to let (header) cell to span between column pages (ColPagingFixed='0').
The cell content, especially in header, can be centered into visible area due horizontal scroll, to be displayed as long as possible (Align='Scroll').

Added also other new small features and corrected many bugs since 9.2.
List of all changes
22nd Apr2013

New build 9.2.12 released.

Corrects various bugs in 9.2.
List of all changes
27th Mar2013

TreeGrid 9.2 released


Added OnGanttChange API event called before any change in Gantt chart, to allow canceling the change.
Added API for reading and setting dependencies.
Added custom icons on main bars edges.


Built in Pivot tables. TreeGrid can automatically create multi level pivot tables according to predefined settings. The pivot tables can be also updated dynamically. All changes in pivot table are automatically updated in source table and vice versa.
See the Pivot table example

Added support for JSONP format to download data without AJAX to avoid local files and different domains restrictions.
Column sections can be resized by the full high splitters instead of the small splitters between scrollbars.
DropCols type was extended, to support dragging items between such cells or dragging column captions here.
Added Formula aggregate functions join, sumjoin and joinsum to sum strings, added summary functions to sum cells in one row (horizontally).
The popup dialogs Defaults and Suggest can look as Enum and can have also name/key pairs.

Added also other new small features and corrected many bugs since 9.1

List of all changes
16th Dec2012

TreeGrid 9.1 released


Grouping main bars to interactive Run groups. The bars can be defined one per row and grouped to one row according to various criteria and manipulated via the group. See the Run group example
Correcting dependencies method like in MS Project, with automatically added early start before every task (GanttStrict='2').
API events to provide custom HTML content of main bars and flow bars (run bars already supported this feature).
Showing vertical progress line connecting not completed tasks before selected date.
GanttMark can show resizable image (<img> tag) in chart, there are predefined images for lines /, \, < and >.
Gantt chart can be zoomed to fit to width also on start (action ZoomFit).
API On...DragGantt events called for dragging object in Gantt chart.


Uploading changed row id attribute to server in NewId attribute (for FullId and editable IdNames).
Attribute SelectingSingle to simply permit selecting only one row in grid.
Support for custom menu items in menus: columns, print, export pdf, export.
Updated rotated cells, especially for IE.

Added also other new small features and corrects many bugs since 9.0
List of all changes
15th Nov2012

New build 9.0.9 released.

It adds support for the new IE 10 quirks mode.
Corrects various bugs in 9.0.
List of all changes
1st Oct2012

TreeGrid 9.0 released

New major version is available

The 9.0 is fully compatible with 8.x version.
All customers with 8.x version can upgrade to 9.0 version for free, but the new 9.0 features will be disabled in their build.

Pricing and licensing changes

Along with our main component "TreeGrid with Gantt" we released two cheaper components providing subset of the features: "TreeGrid without Gantt" and "Gantt chart" (without grid).

Now we explicitly differ between supported and unsupported developers, according to accessibility of our technical support.
The licenses now contain exact count of supported developer(s) (1 in Basic, Personal and Standard, 2 in Grand) and the rest of unsupported developers (1 in Basic, 3 in Standard and 6 in Grand).
It is possible to purchase next supported and/or unsupported developers to every license and component.

Now we sell also Source codes for debugging purposes. These sources can be included directly into HTML page and debugged in JavaScript debugger.
All the source codes sold prior the 9.0 version are not for debugging and are called Backup source codes. Customers with backup source codes can upgrade to the Debug version for 2500 USD.

There are also other changes in prices, see them in Price list.


Added horizontal paging in Gantt chart. It is possible to define more side pagers in grid with different zoom levels and pages sizes to be shown in the Gantt chart.
Gantt chart now can also display exact date range.


Extended printing and export to PDF features.
Users now can select page size, page orientation, DPI, margins and other page settings and grid calculates and splits the grid to appropriate pages, horizontally and vertically.
The Gantt chart can be also split to more horizontal pages, including rounding to specified units.
Winnovative HTMLtoPDF Converter was replaced in package by EVO HTML to PDF from the same company.

Added JSON object for inline editing, to catch its events to call custom functions during editing.
Added JSON menu API events and methods to calculate menu item text or value according to other menu items values.
Possible to have more side pagers, on both grid sides, with different pages like root page, Gantt page or custom page.
Possible to hide parent column when showing its children in column tree.
Added StandardFilter='3' to filter by method "show all found with children"
Added FilterMenu to define custom filter operators menu
Possible to mark changed and upload to server also calculated cells

Added new CSS style ExtJS for similar look to use with ExtJS library.
List of all changes
5th Jun2012

New build 8.1.8 released.

Corrects various bugs in 8.1.
List of all changes
22nd Apr2012

TreeGrid 8.1 released

Added "grid in grid" feature to display another TreeGrid inside one or more TreeGrid cells. Unlimited level of nesting (grid in grid in grid ...) is supported.
The relation between parent and nested grid is standard master - detail.

Added synchronization between grids to synchronize layout and / or configuration between two or more grids.
It can synchronize columns (with/visibility/position), scroll, sort, filter, group and search settings.

Compatibility with Android tablets.
Updated layout for iPad tablets.
Gantt chart was speeded up, especially resources charts, slack and correcting dependencies.
Every Run box can be placed with different vertical position and height.
List of all changes
18th Feb2012

New build 8.0.10 released.

It speeds up calculating Gantt chart especially in old IE versions 6,7,8 and updates compatibility with FF 10.
Corrects various bugs in 8.0.
List of all changes
30th Jan2012

TreeGrid 8.0 released

New major version is available

The 8.0 version is fully compatible with 7.x version except few things marked with ! in change log.
All customers with 7.x version can upgrade to 8.0 version for free, but the new 8.0 features will be disabled in their build.


New Calendars - excluded dates. Now it is possible to define a list of calendars and assign different calendars per row.
Provided also dialog to manage the calendars, define them, add new ones and delete old ones.
The dates defined in custom calendar are excluded from Gantt calculations, but they are always visible.
Global base calendar is still available and its dates can be still hidden on demand.

New Availability chart, universal chart to show various counts as bar charts in Gantt chart. Usually used for resource usage.
The Resource usage chart was updated, now it is shown by the Availability chart and can be fully customized.

The GanttBackground, GanttBase and GanttFinish can be printed now.
The GanttBackground can be define different for every row.
Gantt chart can be printed partially, only visible horizontal part.


Added dynamic loading TreeGrid configuration. Restoring default configuration (in XML or in cookie) by API or from menu.
Added actions and events for custom dragging of cell or its content.
Added ZIndex attribute to show grid in external popup dialogs.
Added semi synchronous communication, to provide maximally one pending asynchronous request at a time.

Added few new tutorials demonstrating new TreeGrid features. See the tutorials.
List of all changes
8th Aug2011

New build 7.1.12 released.

It speeds up calculating Gantt Exclude and corrects various bugs in 7.1.
List of all changes
29th Jul2011

New build 7.1.10 released.

It corrects various bugs in 7.1 and changes behavior of column tree in column visibility menu.
List of all changes
28th Jun2011

TreeGrid 7.1 released

Added GanttMenu attribute to fully customize Gantt popup menu for individual tasks or for whole column. Added API events to create the menu dynamically.
Added API method and events for custom task scheduling in Gantt chart.

Updated printing options, to print more grids at once, to print grid in various places in the same page, to better control what will be printed, to print all rows in server paging, etc.

To Server DLL was added method GetCells to get one or more cell values from actual data, usable especially for Defaults lists in filtering.
List of all changes
22nd May2011

New build 7.0.26 released.

It corrects various bugs in the 7.0 release.
List of all changes
1st May2011

New build 7.0.25 released.

It corrects various bugs in the 7.0 release.
List of all changes
12th Apr2011

New build 7.0.24 released.

It corrects various bugs in the first 7.0 release.
List of all changes
28th Mar2011

TreeGrid 7.0 released

New major version is available

The 7.0 version is fully compatible with 6.x version except few things marked with ! in change log.
All customers with 6.x version can upgrade to 7.0 version for free, but the new 7.0 features will be disabled in their build.


The Run bars and Flow bars can be used also as extended discrete main bars. Both the Run and Flow support milestones (even more per row), percentage complete, dependencies, correcting dependencies, resources, summary tasks.
The Run supports also Start, End and Duration cells to manipulate the whole run and behave like main bars. Added also various settings for Run to control moving when correcting dependencies.
Added Run box types Milestone and Stop to movable and fixed zero length box.
The Flow can be set also to not join adjacent boxes. The Run can be set also to join the error boxes like Flow.

The individual Run boxes can be fully identified by Id and Group attributes. The whole groups can be manipulated by users, can be highlighted, deleted, copied or changed. One group can be also in more rows.
Added many API methods to manipulate the individual run boxes via API. And also events to catch changes of individual Run boxes.

Gantt Runs are now much faster. Can be also rendered as only one HTML tag per box, with FastGantt attribute, to save browser resources.
Gantt chart is now faster in client paging. It also partially supports server paging and child paging, but dependencies must not be linked between pages.

Updated GanttCheck. Now it works for all Gantt objects and all constraints. It is not possible to move any object outside constraints if it is restricted.
All check alerts are shown as HTML message with timeout and not by standard alert.
The check can also automatically correct the problem, not only restrict change.

Resources were updated. Added resource type as Work or Material. The resource now can be consumed (as material).
Added resource availability calendar, the resource can be available differently in different times, it can be also recharged (for material).

Gantt chart is now fully interactive also iPad. Done various changes especially in dragging to support it also on touch screens.
Added special dialog to edit exclude, resource calendar or background.
The dependencies can be corrected only for not yet started tasks.
The finish project date be also proof and preferred like baseline.
The time of newly created bars can be set by GanttNewStart and GanttNewEnd attributes, e.g. to 8:00 and 17:00.
Now the Gantt background is also printed.
Gantt header rows can be displayed in more grid rows. The header captions can be also generated dynamically by API.
Updated summary tasks, now the are check all dependencies child / parent when moving some child or parent. Also correcting dependencies works for dependencies on summary tasks.
Mark can now show also static not movable boxes with specific color.
Updated actions Indent and Outdent to work correctly also with Gantt chart.


TreeGrid is now compatible with iPad touch screens. TreeGrid can show scrollbars on iPad or can scroll by moving finger(s). Now are supported various finger actions to replace mouse actions on iPad and to customize applications running on touch screens.
Added compatibility also for the newest browsers like IE 9 and FF 4.
TreeGrid is now fully compatible also with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for internet sites.

Added column paging. Now the column pages can be rendered on demand, on horizontal scroll.
Added server child paging of expanded rows. Now the children of expanded rows can be downloaded on demand, on vertical scroll.
All unused pages (root, child, column) can be automatically deleted to free resources.
Now TreeGrid can show really unlimited rows and column count. See 1,000,000,000 cells example.

Added column tree. Now also the columns can be expanded and collapsed by clicking to expand / collapse buttons.
Also some rows can be collapsed and expanded with the column expanded.
The row tree can be shown in more columns. Also grouping can be done into more tree columns.

Added dynamic span. Cells can be dynamically (by users or by API) spanned or split like in Excel. Both vertically (rowspan) and horizontally (colspan).
The changes in span can be also uploaded to server or undone / redone.

Added new style Query for similar look to use with jQuery.
TreeGrid CSS styles are now "fool proof", cannot be affected by any external CSS setting except with !important suffix.

Updated master / detail relation. Now there can be more detail grids for one master grid and vice versa. The detail grid can show only particular rows from master's children, the others can be shown in another detail or in master tree.

Undo can be controlled also by API, supported also custom undo blocks.
PersistentCfg now uses browser's localStorage, if available.
All TreeGrid menus, enum and defaults now support searching by keys, like standard <select> tag.
TreeGrid can be now shown also in custom popup dialogs by API method ShowPopupGrid.
Added dialog to enter range of dates and repeating them.
Calendar now displays also week numbers. Added option to choose week numbering (U.S. or European/ISO or other).
All TreeGrid alerts now can be shown as custom HTML messages with timeout instead of standard alert.
Extended simple pager with page links to show only selected pages by step.
Added NoData row to show on empty grid - when no variable rows are shown due empty grid of filter settings.

Source code escrow e-shop item was removed due low customers' interest. Now the source codes can be purchased only.
Extended support renamed to maintenance. The conditions and benefits are still the same.

Added many new examples and tutorials demonstrating various TreeGrid features. See the tutorials.
List of all changes
12th Oct2010

New build 6.7.17 released.

It corrects the hidden scrollbars bug in Firefox with page zoom and also two other bugs.
List of all changes
9th Oct2010

New build 6.7.16 released.

It corrects many bugs reported during summer, especially misaligned table in paging, when grid is scrolled left. And also Copy&paste problems while editing.
It changes JSON format, the <Cols> and <Def> definitions can be set also as array to preserve the order inside.

List of all changes
25th Jul2010

TreeGrid 6.7 released

Added Export to PDF feature.
The PDF is created by third-party program, there are two converters included by default, free WKHtmlToPDF command line tool and commercial Winnovative HTML to PDF converter DLL. But any other third-party convertors supporting JavaScript are possible to use with TreeGrid.

Added various options for printing, export to XLS / CSV and export to PDF, these options are available for users in the print / export menu.
Added Expanded attribute to upload and download Expanded state of all rows. It works also in server paging.
Updated DefaultDate, now it predefines default date and time in input Date cell, all not entered date parts are used from it.

To Gantt chart were added editable summary tasks set by GanttSummary attribute. The summary tasks can have also depedencies and date constraints and can be moved to move the whole group.
The deleted rows are now excluded from dependency and critical path calculations.
List of all changes
7th Jun2010

TreeGrid 6.6 released


Added Critical path management (CPM). The chart calculates Slack column values, how much the task can be moved forward (delayed), before it affects project end date.
The incomplete critical tasks are colored in orange. Error tasks (those cannot be finished before project end date) are colored in red. Other incomplete tasks are in blue, complete tasks in green. All these colors can be changed in css file.
The project baseline and end date can be now preset or automatically calculated and can be added, deleted or dragged by mouse.


Added JSON data format as alternative to XML. It is supported for both download and upload.
Added attribute Rotate to rotate cell text (especially column header) by 90 or 270 degrees.
Added API method SetFilter to add one or more independent custom filters.
List of all changes
10th May2010

TreeGrid 6.5 released

New compiler

The compiler to compress main file GridE.js was rewritten. Now the GridE.js file is smaller and is faster decompressed.
Source code owners now can also control settings for speed/size ratio and try/catch removing for debugging purposes.

TreeGrid JavaScript compiler is much more effective than all other known JS compilers, for example its produced code is about twice smaller than code from Packer and three times than YUI compressor.
If you purchased TreeGrid sources, never try to compress them by another compressor, especially uploading them to any online compressor is strictly prohibited!

See the online compiler.

Horizontal scrolling
Now TreeGrid can independently scroll all three column sections (left, middle, right). Users can also resize the section widths.
It is usable especially for Gantt to have independently scrolled the chart and the other cells.
List of all changes
31st Mar2010

TreeGrid 6.4 released

New charts

TreeGrid now can show various Line charts and XY point charts according to grid columns or external sources.
The charts can be shown inside TreeGrid cells or outside grid. The charts can be shown standalone also without TreeGrid at all.
See Line charts example.


Added new Resources chart to show resources usage. It can be shown in separated grid or even in the same grid with the project chart.
According to the assigns resources can be calculated task and summary prices.
The texts in chart and task tips now can contain various information about the task or any custom texts.

The Gantt chart now can be based also on number units instead of dates. Including floating point and negative numbers. To use Gantt chart for interactive math charts.
Added Gantt objects points as more movable milestones in one row to display points in math charts.

Main bars can be now divided to more parts, done by Flow bars with FlowComplete set.
Added GanttChartMinStart / MaxStart / MinEnd / MaxEnd to replace GanttMin/Max. Specify all four constraints for the whole chart.


Changes can be uploaded to server in order they were done by setting SaveOrder attribute.
Grouping can generate more levels according to one column, set by GroupChar attribute. For example the levels can be created for every part in URL path when set GroupChar='/'.
See File and directory example.
The source values of grouped column(s) can be automatically updated when rows are moved or added if set GroupChangeMoved attribute.
Added SuggestSeparator to let suggest values for individual part of value like in MS Outlook address.
Added MergeFormat and other attribute to control how spanned cells will be merged.
Added SortIcons to hide all or not sorted sorting icons from the header.
List of all changes
15th Feb2010

TreeGrid 6.3 released

We created two separate web sites for TreeGrid Gantt Chart at and original Editable JavaScript TreeGrid at
Both components we sell together as TreeGrid with Gantt, the prices have not been changed and the component can be purchased in e-shop at any of the two domains.

TreeGrid 6.3 contains updates especially in Gantt chart.
TreeGrid now supports all standard Gantt chart features for project management or service management.

The algorithm for checking and correcting dependencies was rewritten, now works in the same way as in MS Project or Primavera.
The dependencies can be corrected automatically after any change in the chart (like task add, move, resize or delete or dependency change) or the incorrect dependencies can be marked in red and corrected later manually.
The dependencies now can be attached to main bar, flow or run bars.
The dependencies are now set in standard format "idtype+/-lag!span", e.g. 10, 10fs, 10fs+3, 10fs-2!0. The dependencies can be set as previous (ancestors) or next (descendants) or both (mirrored).
Added dependency span constraint (with ! on the end of dependency) to specify possible span between dependency start+lag and end. Usual values are 0 (no span, strict), and empty (unlimited span).
Now there can be defined two dependencies ss and ff between two tasks.
TreeGrid now checks all user inputs and changes if they do not violate some constraints, e.g. circular dependencies or end < start.

Added holidays as any excluded single or repeated dates (GanttExclude and GanttInclude attributes). The excluded dates are ignored in task and dependency calculations. They can be highlighted in chart or can be completely hidden from the chart.
Added baseline project date (GanttBase attribute). This date is used in Gantt calculations to not let tasks to start before or force the first tasks to start on.
Added task date constraints, early start (GanttMinStart), late start (GanttMaxStart), early finish (GanttMinEnd) and late finish (GanttMaxEnd).
The task date constraints are used during task move or resize and also during Gantt correcting dependencies. The task date constraints are displayed in Gantt chart as icons and can be added, deleted, moved or changed directly in the chart.

TreeGrid now supports fully smooth zoom. It is supported zoom from years to milliseconds. It is possible to define different header dates and background dates for every zoom level.
The zooming can be done in many ways: zoom to date range selected by mouse dragging in header, zoom to date clicked by mouse in header, right click to header for unzoom, click to buttons zoom in, zoom out, zoom to fit, select zoom level from combo.

The Gantt chart now can have defined both end and duration columns, their values are mirrored.
There are also many other changes in Gantt chart.

TreeGrid 6.3 also contains many minor updates and bug fixes in standard TreeGrid features.
List of all changes
13th Dec2009

TreeGrid 6.2 released

TreeGrid now supports RTL (right to left) direction texts and Persian Hirji dates and calendar also in version 6.x.
To auto complete (Suggest... attributes) were added various settings to better control the dialog and completion. See Suggest documentation.
Gantt Run boxes can be now set also by Start date + length and Start date + End date. The Run boxes can be set as independent (not continuous).
OnGanttChanged was extended, now it returns both original and new values and type of change (e.g Resize, Move, Delete, ...).
Added cell attribute GMT to show local and GMT dates in the same grid in different cells or columns.
Now the calendar / datepicker dialog can be called also by API function ShowCalendar for custom usage outside grid.

Added examples for all basic server script (ASP.NET/PHP/JSP) for loading and saving Gantt chart from and to database and for saving Gantt chart to XML file.
Added PHP framework for MySQL.
List of all changes
6th Dec2009

TreeGrid server dll / so build 3.2.2 released

Adds compatibility with PHP 5.3.x.
Corrects bugs with Grouping and ExportType.
16th Nov2009

TreeGrid 6.1 released

To Gantt chart was added new bar type Continuous Run as complex and universal bar.
It can show more boxes in one cell, with different size, text, color, class and tooltip. All the settings can be changed by a user.
It supports resizing, moving and copying in various ways, even between rows or grids. Also adding, deleting and changing is supported.
It can be used for any interactive chart, e.g. for Gantt resources chart.

The Flags in Gantt chart can contain custom icons, more icons in one cell. A user can change the flag icon from popup menu.
To Date Format were added new attributes for displaying date interval (e.g. 30 hours).
List of all changes
20th Oct2009

New build 6.0.32 released

Updated aggregate formula functions like sum or count to iterate only specified rows.
Added API function to get and set custom position of grid scroll.
Updated Gantt chart background (GanttBackground), now it is much faster and never slows down the grid.
Added informational text to Gantt main bar and real flow, it is displayed as tooltip and also can be changed by a user.
Many bugs in 6.0 version corrected.
List of all changes
18th Oct2009

TreeGrid server dll / so 3.2 released

Updated to support new attributes in TreeGrid 6.0.
1st Oct2009

TreeGrid 6.0 released

New major version is available

TreeGrid 6.0 code was completely rewritten to speed up all parts of the grid. The 6.0 contains 3x faster rendering engine. TreeGrid can be also created, loaded and rendered fully synchronously during page load.
New faster internal XML parser that is now used instead of standard browser parser to handle also not fully correct XMLs.
The TreeGrid HTML represenation was completely changed, now it is standard HTML table. The HTML now shows only one tag <td> per grid cell.

TreeGrid now supports row spanning like standard HTML table, also supports spanning rows through children in tree.
TreeGrid CSS styles and icons were completely rewritten, now all design settings can be changed in Grid.css file.
TreeGrid menus and dialogs were rewritten to support all standard menu features like tree, sections or submenus.

Not only cell values, but also other cell and row attributes can be calculated now.
Updated JavaScript API.

Rewritten documentation, now the documentation is structured according to TreeGrid features.
Added debug window to show errors, warning, hints, messages and profiling timers.

To Gantt chart were added dependency lags and function for correcting invalid dependencies by shifting next tasks to future.

TreeGrid 6.0 is NOT fully compatible with 5.x, it contains some changes in XML and API, so you should take care when upgrading!

When upgrading to 6.0 you can utilize new TreeGrid debug feature, set <treegrid debug='check' ...> and grid will warn you about all obsolete, mispelled or unknown attributes and tags in input XML.
Changes log was restarted with 6.0 version.
15th Jul2009

New TreeGrid build 5.9.12 released

Various bugs corrected, especially Firefox 3.5 falling down.
List of all changes
17th Jun2009

New TreeGrid build 5.9.10 released

Various bugs corrected.
List of all changes
5th Apr2009

New TreeGrid build 5.9.8 released

TreeGrid is now compatible with IE8 final, both quirk and strict modes, both standard and compatibility modes.
List of all changes
2nd Mar2009

New TreeGrid build 5.9.5 released

TreeGrid is now compatible with IE8 RC1, both quirk and strict modes.
List of all changes
15th Dec2008

New TreeGrid build 5.9.2 released

TreeGrid is now compatible with IE7 page zoom feature (right bottom zoom button). Only in strict mode (pages with appropriate !DOCTYPE tag).
Added events OnCustomStartEdit and OnCustomEndEdit for better support of custom editing controls. To the downloadable examples was added new example to show custom editing control - input with hint list box.
List of all changes
30th Nov2008

TreeGrid 5.9 released

Gantt chart is now interactive, every Gantt item can be changed by mouse inside the chart.
Gantt chart notation was changed, now it is generated by Type='Gantt' and <C> Gantt... attributes instead of gantt function. Many other updates and improvements in Gantt chart.
See the Gantt chart example, see also Large Gantt chart with 1000 rows.

TreeGrid now supports right to left (RTL) texts and languages (html attribute dir='rtl'), used in the Middle East countries.
Also supports Persian and Arabic dates and calendar (Hirji/Jalali). This RTL version is available only on request.

Popup menus, Defaults and custom Enums support collapsible groups (tree) in the menus.
New cell type "Abs" to display more html items absolutely positioned inside cell.
The Columns menu can be divided into more columns.
Added function Dispose to delete grid instance.
Added events OnMouseMove, OnMouseDown, OnMouseUp.

To the web has been added onsite search feature, it is placed on bottom left.
List of all changes
23rd Oct2008

New TreeGrid build 5.8.2 released

Corrects serious bug in 5.8 version, in reloading pages in server paging and in detail tables in all browsers except IE.
List of all changes
15th Oct2008

TreeGrid 5.8 released

TreeGrid is now compatible with Google Chrome.

Gantt chart was updated, added dependencies between tasks. Added milestones. Other various updates done in Gantt chart.
See the Gantt chart example.

Added events to display dynamic external object like Adobe Flash, Microsoft SilverLight or any custom JavaScript objects.
There are available examples demonstrating usage of Adobe Flash and Microsoft SilverLight.
List of all changes
4th Sep2008

TreeGrid 5.7 released

According to many requests the Gantt chart example was rewritten, extended and included directly to TreeGrid code as Gantt module.
The Gantt chart can be generated like any other HTML type calculated cell by gantt function.
See new Gantt chart example.
List of all changes
2nd Aug2008

New TreeGrid build 5.6.9 released

Exports tree to Excel using expandable Excel outline.
List of all changes
26th Jul2008

New TreeGrid build 5.6.8 released

Corrects problems with editing in Firefox 3.
Adds few new settings like OnHint or CalendarButtons.
Updated Gantt examples, added version with separated start and end date.
List of all changes
22nd Jul2008

New TreeGrid build 5.6.7 released

Corrects especially bug in compression in 5.6.6 build in trial version that caused wrong iteraction among rows and had various side effects.
The 5.5.6 trial build should be upgraded to 5.6.7.
List of all changes
13th Jun2008

New TreeGrid build 5.6.4 released

Changed and re-styled Calendar dialog. All custom CSS styles must be updated to support the new calendar!
Updated Toolbar/Space buttons. Now they can be used as tabs to build tabber and support submenu to use as main menu. See Button type cell attributes.

TreeGrid server - Corrected serious memory allocation bug in server library under Linux ( shipped with TreeGrid 5.6. This bug could cause the library crash.

Many other changes and bug fixes.
List of all changes
31st May2008

TreeGrid 5.6 released

Added Date and number ranges
Now a user can enter more values or value ranges in one cell. The calendar component supports choosing more dates or date ranges by mouse dragging. In the defaults dialog can be selected more items.
The date ranges and more values in one cell are useful especially in standard filters. By this feature a user can filter like using between clause or more values can be searched by one filter.
The feature can be set by cell attribute Range.

Added Undo / Redo
Now can be undone all modifications (row add,delete,move,copy and cell value change) done since the last save, one by one or all at once. Also they can be redone again.
These features are available by actions Undo and Redo and are by default set to CtrlZ and CtrlY. The undo buffering must be permitted by <Cfg Undo='1'/>

All generated HTML code is compatible with XHTML 1.0 and also with .xhtml extension.
Added Hint - (attribute <Cfg ShowHint/>) - when cell value is not displayed complete, it is displayed above the cell when mouse hovers the cell.
Added Tip - (attributes <Cfg TipStart TipEnd TipPos/> and cell attributes Tip TipClass) - alternate custom tooltip.
Added dialogs shadow - (attributes <Cfg Shadow.../> - now dialogs, menus, messages and tooltips can have a shadow under the box.
Updated calendar - (attribute <Cfg AutoCalendar/> - calendar is shown while editing date and reflects changes in input and vice versa.
Added opposite filtering behavior in tree - to show all rows that fulfills the condition (instead of hiding all rows that don't), can be set by <Cfg StandardFilter='2'/>
Added possibility to expand Enum type as custom menu - (attribute EnumType) - the Enum is expanded as pop-up menu instead of built-in <SELECT>
New actions Indent and Outdent to easily change row level in tree.

New example - How to create Gantt chart with TreeGrid.
New example - How to create PivotTable with TreeGrid.

New icons for Toolbar in Modern style (ToolbarModern.png and ToolbarModern.gif for IE6). Old icons are still included in Toolbar.gif.

Many other new features, changes and bug fixes.
List of all changes
12th Apr2008

New TreeGrid build 5.5.10 released

It corrects few bugs.
List of all changes
2nd Apr2008

New TreeGrid build 5.5.8 released

It corrects few bugs.
List of all changes
1st Apr2008

New TreeGrid build 5.5.7 released

It corrects bugs with GMT attribute and datepicker in 5.5.5 build.
List of all changes
30th Mar2008

New TreeGrid build 5.5.5 released

It corrects few bugs in 5.5 release.
Added attribute <Lang><Format GMT='1'/></Lang> to show dates and times set in number of milliseconds in GMT instead of local timezone.
Added actions SortAscAdd and SortDescAdd to provide sorting in the standard order (first clicked column is the first sorted column).
List of all changes
17th Mar2008

New TreeGrid build 5.5.4 released

It corrects few bugs in 5.5 release.
Added attribute Cache for caching / forcing download all modified TreeGrid files and data source xmls.
Now Trial version has implicitly set debugging attributes to help development. The default values in trial are: <treegrid Debug='1' Cache='0'> and <Cfg DebugCalc='1' DebugActions='1'/>
In registered version these debugging attributes can be set explicitly.
List of all changes
10th Mar2008

TreeGrid 5.5 released

Added TreeGrid modules
Now TreeGrid script can be compiled with selected modules to reduce its size and provide particular features only.
TreeGrid core script is now only 45 kB long, with all modules included has 220 kB.
TreeGrid modules for trial version can be downloaded here and for registered version here.
TreeGrid modules are available only for version 5.x.

Added mouse and key action schema
Now the mouse and key actions can be fully customized without writing any JavaScript code.
You can choose what will happen when a user clicks by mouse, drags some content, presses some key and so on.
See Events and Actions.

Updated sorting and grouping
The sorting and grouping routines are now about 4x faster than the older ones.
Also many new attributes and settings have been added for sorting and grouping, for example:
- grouping according to only part of string (by one or more characters) [MaxChars]
- to mark row to be always positioned on top or bottom or sort particular rows only within specified sections [SortPos]
The fast sorting and grouping is available only for version 5.x.

Updated styling of TreeGrid. Added many new classes to let style all TreeGrid parts.
Added two new modern style designs and updated original two. Now TreeGrid has four full and good looking styles.
Our web site also changed its style design.

Updated and corrected cell and rows selection by mouse dragging, see <Cfg> attribute Selecting.
Added possibility to download all data by AJAX synchronously, see <treegrid> attribute Sync.
Added validation of EditMasks when saving to check incorrect not edited values, usually empty required cells, see <Cfg> attribute Validate.
Added automatic filling cell values by mouse dragging like in MS Excel, see actions Fill...

New version is not backward compatible in these items:
CSS styles are changed, custom modified Grid.css files should be updated. Many css classes have been added, classes for pop-up menu and toolbar have been renamed.
Left panel icons in Grid.gif have changed their positions, new icons for space rows added. Custom modified Grid.gif should be updated.
API events OnClick, OnDblClick and OnRightClick are called always before any predefined grid action and if return true, suppress any such action.
<Cfg> attribute Selecting is now boolean type and ignores other options. For other options should be used actions and <Cfg> attribute SelectingCells.

Changed prices for Extended support, now one year support costs 20% of licence price and for whole lifetime it costs 60% of licence price.

Now is version 4.x obsolete and unsupported.
All purchased licenses (and serial codes) for version 4.x without Extended support have been automatically upgraded to version 5.x with these features disabled:
TreeGrid modules compilation
Space row cells
Search and advanced filters feature
New fast sorting and grouping routine
To enable these features, you need to upgrade your licence to "normal" 5.x version for 40% of licence price.
10th Jan2008

New TreeGrid build 5.1.4 released

It corrects many bugs since 5.1 release.
6th Dec2007

TreeGrid server library 3.0 released

Updated stability and thread safety.
Now works in PHP under Windows and Linux as universal PHP extension for all PHP 5.x versions.

Added grouping feature.
Added export to Excel feature.
Added support for localized sorting, filtering and grouping.
Added new aggregate functions.
6th Dec2007

TreeGrid 5.1 and 4.7.1 released

Updated grouping feature, added many new attributes for grouping.
Updated compatibility with TreeGrid server library 3.0
Corrected memory leaks in IE.

Added new documentation, TreeGrid feature index - index of XML attributes and API items according to individual features.
Added new downloadable examples demonstrating server side paging with sorting, grouping and export. And also new examples using Server side library.
21st Oct2007

New TreeGrid build 5.0.18 released

It corrected some problems.
4th Oct2007

New TreeGrid build 5.0.12 released

It corrected some problems.
Added new script GridEOnDemand.js for loading the main GridE.js script on demand only.
Added possibility to send and load complete configuration from server instead of cookies.
13th Sep2007

New TreeGrid build 5.0.9 released

It corrected some problems as usual.
2nd Sep2007

New TreeGrid build 5.0.8 released

It corrected problem with dialog and menu position in some browsers.
28th Aug2007

New TreeGrid build 5.0.7 released

It corrected some problems.
Added list of defaults or any attribute for edited cell downloaded from server side on demand.
20th Aug2007

New TreeGrid build 5.0.6 released

It corrected some problems.
Added progress bar for printing and export.
12th Jul2007

TreeGrid 5.0 and 4.7.0 released

New major version is available

The new major version 5.0 is automatically available for customers who purchased TreeGrid 4.x Grand with sources.
Other customers with Extended support please contact us to get free upgrade.
Other owners of any previous release can upgrade to the 5.0 version in our e-shop with 60% discount.

TreeGrid 4.7.0 is available for all owners of 4.x version. It is the same component as TreeGrid 5.0, but has disabled searching, advanced filters and space row cells new features.
This means that technical support for TreeGrid 4.7 continues as support for 5.0.

New features in TreeGrid 5.0 only
New search and advanced filter capability. TreeGrid now can search in cells or rows like Google or by any formula expression. It can filter, select, mark by color or focus the found cells or rows. You can also prepare list of predefined filter formulas to let a user to select from. See Searching and advanced filters tutorial

Space rows can now show cells like a standard row, these cells can also be editable or calculated. Now you can prepare any user interface for advanced TreeGrid control like toolbar buttons, result formulas, global inputs and settings and so on. See Space rows tutorial and Special rows done by Space rows tutorial

Other new features and updates in TreeGrid 5.0 and 4.7
Changed configuration format saved to cookies. Now it is about ten times smaller. To reduce cookie size you should use column names as short as possible.
Updated styles, added some minor things like rounded corners.
Space rows can be moved outside the grid, toolbar can also be placed inside the grid like a space row.
Cell actions - Formula or JavaScript code run after cell change or button is clicked.
Many other updates and bug fixes.

Documentation for TreeGrid XML data format was rewritten.

Pricing of Extended support changed
Price of Extended support is now 10% of license price for one year and 50% of license price for whole product lifetime.
The TreeGrid Grand with sources license now does not contain Extended support automatically.
30th Apr2007

TreeGrid 4.6 released

Added compatibility with browsers' Strict mode.
TreeGrid now supports all W3C CSS1 modes: Strict mode (CSS1Compat), Almost strict mode (CSS1Compat) and quirks mode (BackCompat).
This means that all <!DOCTYPE> tag settings are supported now.
4th Apr2007

New TreeGrid build 4.5.12 released.

Updated compatibility list, especially with Mac browsers.
27th Mar2007

New TreeGrid build 4.5.9 released

Added possibility to use empty values in Int, Float and Date cell types. To differ between empty and zero values.
5th Mar2007

New TreeGrid build 4.5.4 released

It updated grouping, corrected some problems.
Added possibility to sort, filter or group rows inside actual page when used server paging.
Added attributes to show context menu for a cell.
26th Feb2007

TreeGrid 4.5 released

Added grouping rows to tree. TreeGrid can now automatically group rows according selected column(s). User can choose pre-defined grouping type from select box or drag column header(s) to group row. This feature can be used to build Pivot tables like in MS Excel. See Grouping tutorial
Removed the limit of maximum rows in tree node. Now every row can have own limit and if the count of children exceeds this limit, the children are grouped to sub-nodes. Sorting, filtering and calculations still affect all the children as originally.
Added formula to toolbar to show, for example, count of all or filtered rows.
Added space rows - custom html rows not divided to sections or columns, never scrolled.
Added simple pager as foot space row with links to all pages with indexes.
2nd Jan2007

TreeGrid 4.4 released

Added advanced calculation order. Especially in tree you can define more directions of calculation order. Now you can satisfy all needs of calculation order. See calculations tutorial.
Added advanced master - detail relationship for tables and trees. See master / detail tutorial
TreeGrid now supports selection of range of cells instead of whole rows. Cells can be also selected by Ctrl + mouse dragging.
Added possibility to freeze and unfreeze columns - moving columns between sections.
Update Radio type to have more buttons checked - more check boxes or radio buttons in one cell as binary mask.

Added function for synchronization data with server. TreeGrid can now automatically check and download any changes from server done by other clients. See example Sharing and synchronization.
2nd Jan2007

TreeGrid server 2.0 released

TreeGrid server side library was updated to be compatible with the newest TreeGrid component and many new functions have been added. See compatibility section.

Added functions for sharing data among clients.
Added functions for synchronization data with client side, new function in TreeGrid 4.4.
Updated use in server script, especially for PHP and Java.
Updated stability.
20th Nov2006

TreeGrid 4.3 released

Added export to MS Excel or any other spreadsheet program that can handle .XLS files or data in HTML tables. Exports are done include formatting.
Updated row/cell (state) background colors. Added possibility to change all default colors by XML attributes. Added alternate coloring - highlighted stripes. Added custom colors for cells and rows in XML.
Added new button type "Defaults" to show list of predefined values to choose one instead of editing cell value. It is similar to combo box where you can input new values. See Right buttons tutorial.
Added copy button to panel to copy actual row structure or all data.
Added selecting rows by Ctrl + click and Shift + click.
8th Nov2006

TreeGrid 4.2 released

Updated row's identification in uploaded data (by id attribute). Added many new possibilities how to identify uploaded rows in server script. Added tutorial to show these ways: Rows' identification tutorial.
Added printing capability.
Added grid resizing by mouse dragging. Added tutorial to demonstrate this function: Resizing
Added related enum type (relationship between enum types).
Added XML attributes and API events for custom sorting and filtering.
Added and updated many error messages to simplify debugging.
Many other minor updates and addons.

Updated documentation, created new documentations TreeGrid Basics and TreeGrid FAQ.
Now is Extended API documentation accessible online. So the online documentation is now complete.

Examples for ASP.NET, JSP and PHP was completely rewritten, added many new examples to demonstrate using TreeGrid in these environments.
Added examples for ASP 3.0.
Created TreeGrid JSP framework for Java to simplify writing code in Java to support TreeGrid.

Added new online examples and updated TreeGrid web pages.

In downloadable evaluation version is included Extended API, including documentation.
28th Aug2006

TreeGrid 4.1 released

Added compatibility with KHTML engine, browsers Mac Safari 1.2+ and Linux KDE Konqueror 3.0+.
Tested on Internet Explorer 7.
Updated compatibility with Internet Explorer 5.x.
Added new cell type "Radio" as group of radio inputs.

New license type added. Personal license for individual developer. Its licensed to developer's name. For purchasing this license type contact us at first.
17th Aug2006
Added tutorial about editing, multi-line editing, masks and special cell types as Img and Link. Updated expert tutorial with cell spanning and merging example.
Added example to demonstrate Extended API functions and events.
To Extended API version were added new events and functions.
Updated compatibility with Netscape Navigator 8 and Opera 9.
8th Aug2006

TreeGrid 4.0 released

New major version was released.

The prices have been updated. Price for main component stayed the same, but there have been added new components with restricted functions for lower price:
FreeGrid (free version with maximum 33 rows and minimal 3 columns), PureGrid (grid without tree, paging, calculations and filtering, base price $200), PureTree (tree with maximum 3 columns, base price $200).

The web site was rewritten, now is completely based on TreeGrid components. Many examples have been added.

TreeGrid now completely supports variable rows height and multi line editing. Automatic row's height update while editing. Maximum height setting possible for any row.
Added masks for editing. Any RegExp string can be used as editing mask. Immediate validation - user can press only those keys that are suitable for the mask.
New column types "Link" and "Img" to simplify display and edit images and links. New column type "List" to display any repetitious html code.
Automatic extents computing - resizing marked columns and rows to let TreeGrid occupy the same rectangle for ever.
Many minor updates.
1st Jun2006

TreeGrid 3.8 released

Grid is now much faster with large tables. There is live example of table with one million rows.
Added wildcards support to <treegrid> attributes Body_Url and Page_Url. Now the url can differ according to grid and page settings or every page can be downloaded from different url.
Added many data events to Extended API.
15th May2006

TreeGrid 3.7 released

Added support for many invisible columns, now grid supports unlimited count of invisible columns.
Updated dragging functions among more grids. You can see this feature in Expert tutorial, the fifth example Dragging.
From Standard and Grand license texts was removed obligation of displaying a link to
1st May2006

TreeGrid 3.6 released

Added support of variable row height. Now all rows can have different height.
Added cell merging / spanning feature.
Added support of multi line editing in text area.
You can see new features in Expert tutorial, the first example Expert editing and cell spanning.
1st May2006

TreeGrid server 1.2 released

Added Linux version - library.
24th Apr2006

TreeGrid 3.5 released

Updated cell formats for numbers, dates and strings, new documentation added.
Added menu for selecting displayed and hidden columns.
New functions for selected rows copying and moving.
New tutorials added: Advanced, Expert.
13th Apr2006

TreeGrid 3.4 released

The examples were completely rewritten. Added examples for ASP.NET (C#,Visual Basic), PHP, JSP (Java), HTML.

Created tutorials to show using TreeGrid from the simplest empty grid to tree, calculations and other advanced functions.
You can see tutorials there: Basic, Advanced, Calculations
Added sessions support to preserve state during client / server communication.
10th Apr2006

TreeGrid server 1.1 released

Added support for UTF8 strings (for PHP). Added exported Java functions. Documentation were rewritten.

TreeGrid.dll is now thread safe to avoid server errors when many requests income at once.
6th Feb2006

TreeGrid 3.3 released

In version 3.3 there were images shrunk to only two files, 5 kB long. Now there is no need to caching images any more.
All required files were moved to one default directory. Now all required files, including script, images, styles, texts and default settings are smaller then 100 kB.

Added copy & paste support. Now you can copy selected row values to clipboard and paste them back to grid or to any text editor or spreadsheet program like MS Excel. You can also paste values from any editor to grid. This function is not available in Opera.

Updated cell formulas. Many aggregate functions added. Debug mode for cell formulas.

Added sample ASP.NET web page to show data communication by page submit and ASP.NET using DataTable to access a database. Updated ASP.NET web service sources.
26th Jan2006

TreeGrid 3.2 released

Version 3.2 supports fully asynchronous communication with server.
There have been added examples to demonstrate other TreeGrid capabilities such as user rows, html code in cells, buttons, user dialogs and so on.
TreeGrid.dll was updated to 1.0.2.
16th Jan2006

A section for registered users added

Now are latest updates of registered version available for customers in section Download / Registered version. The customers can download latest version and documentation according to their serial code.
15th Jan2006

TreeGrid 3.1 released

Version 3.1 contains full support of server paging with sorting, filtering and pre-calculations. Supports native TreeGrid.dll server component or any user server script communicating in described way. TreeGrid now supports up to million rows.
15th Jan2006

TreeGrid.dll 1.0 released

Now is available the server side support component. This is DLL library for Windows systems. This DLL supports server side paging, updating, sorting, filtering and pre-calculations upon XML file or data. The library is written in pure C++ and is much faster and much less memory consuming than any code you can write in managed languages as C#, Visual Basic or Java. The DLL can be used in any server script languages that can use DLL on Windows systems (ASP.NET, Java servlets / JSP, PHP, ...).
12th Dec2005

TreeGrid 3.0 released

New major version was released.

Data format completely switched to XML. Internal code was completely rewritten and now is much faster. TreeGrid now supports two ways of paging. TreeGrid now supports up to 20 000 rows with sorting, filtering and calculations of all rows. Many other changes and updates.