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TreeGrid SpreadSheet

TreeGrid extension to display and edit data in cell based spreadsheet

TreeGrid SpreadSheet provides cell based AJAX grid with spreadsheet features like editable formulas, many predefined and custom formula functions, individual cell styling and borders, manipulating individual cells or selected cell groups, auto grid size, auto row and column index.

TreeGrid SpreadSheet MS Excel look example

Drop any .xlsx file to the grid to open and edit it here! Or open any .xlsx file from your disk by click to icon on toolbar.
The xlsx files can be opened, edited and saved (by icon) directly in browser, without any communication with server!

Supported browsers

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge

Internet Explorer

Apple Safari
Mac OSX / iOS

Mozilla Firefox

Android Mobile


(And all Gecko and WebKit / Chromium / Blink engine clones)

Supported browsers

Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Apple Safari; Mac OSX / iOS
Mozilla Firefox
Android Mobile
(And all Gecko and WebKit / Chromium / Blink engine clones)

JavaScript frameworks

EJS TreeGrid package contains examples and documentation to use in JavaScript frameworks:
  • Angular (TypeScript)
  • React (JavaScript / TypeScript)
  • Vue (JavaScript / TypeScript)
  • Other frameworks (HTML, JavaScript)
EJS TreeGrid can be used also in any other client side framework that supports third party JavaScript code.

Server side support

EJS TreeGrid package contains examples and predefined code of server side scripts:
  • NodeJS (JavaScript)
  • ASP.NET (C#, Visual Basic)
  • JSP (Java)
  • PHP
  • HTML (all other)
EJS TreeGrid can be used also in any other server script environment that can handle and process XML or JSON data.

Basic sheet features

  • cell content editing
  • changes update to server by AJAX
    or by page / form submit (HTTP POST)
  • row selecting, adding and deleting
  • column selecting, adding and deleting
  • row and column moving and resizing
  • row and column hiding / displaying
  • toolbar and row / column control panel

Main advantages

  • full xlsx support - loading and opening xlsx file chosen from file system or dropped to grid by dragging and saving the changes back to the xlsx.
  • xlsx can be opened, edited and saved without accessing web server
  • editable formulas - every cell can contain formula starting by '=' like in MS Excel. Syntax compatible with MS Excel.
  • 230 built-in formula functions and possibility to create any new custom functions to be used in editable formulas. Names are the same as in MS Excel.
  • fully localized formulas - the formula function names, operators and separators can be different in every language.
  • selecting formula source cells or cell ranges by mouse during editing
  • suggest list with available formula functions shown during editing
  • more sheets and their manipulation (add, delete, move, copy, rename)
  • editable formulas with external references to other sheet
  • MS Excel outline to arrange rows and columns in tree
  • mass change of selected cell groups - copy, move, auto fill, clear, copy&paste
  • mass changes can affect cell values, formulas, styles, borders, span or any other attributes.
  • dynamic cell styling - every cell can have set and changed style attributes:
    text color, background color, shadow color and style, font size and name, text bold, italic, underline, strike, overline and small caps. And also horizontal and vertical alignment, wrapping text vertically and text rotate 90 and 270 degrees.
  • dynamic cell border - every cell can have set and changed its border on any edge.
    The border can can have different width, style and color and is shared between adjacent cells.
  • dynamic cell span - every cell can be vertically and horizontally spanned through more next cells.
  • dynamic cell format - every cell can have set and changed its type and display format
  • automatic cell type - cell chooses its type and display according to its value and format
  • inserting images to cell text or outside cells like MS Excel, by dropping it to cell or opening image file chosen from file system.
  • editing images inside or outside cells by mouse dragging - move, resize, rotate, crop, change opacity or name.
  • auto sheet size - automatic adding rows and columns on scroll to the sheet end and automatic removing unused rows and columns.
  • full paging of rows and columns to handle large sheets with many cells.
  • auto rows and columns index - identifying rows and columns by their position rather than id or name.
  • full undo & redo - every action in sheet can be undone.
  • fully customizable cell popup menu with available actions for actual / focused or selected cell.
  • editing cell content and formulas also outside the grid in external edit box.
  • rich text / HTML editor in contentEditable tags, full inline WYSIWYG editor, text, color and shapes styling, images and links.
  • copy & paste cells to and from MS Excel or another spreadsheet program.
  • export sheet data to xlsx, xls or csv file and open this file in MS Excel.
  • print and print to PDF
  • fixed (frozen) columns and rows on all the edges
  • grid features like tree, grouping, sorting, filter and search
  • responsive web design, changing grid layout according to viewport size by defined media rules.
  • fully customizable CSS styles to change grid look
  • advanced JavaScript API with events and methods to control the grid from JavaScript
  • using grid without any need of JavaScript code on a page
  • sophisticated XML input / output format, JSON format also supported
  • fully customizable key and mouse navigation action schemes
  • very fast to display and control
  • script modules - modules not in use can be removed from the script in order to shorten its length
  • localization to any language possible, including all texts, date and number formats, built in translations to major languages
  • RTL version for Middle East languages plus Hirji dates
  • both CSS1 strict and quirks mode supported (any <!DOCTYPE> setting)

TreeGrid SpreadSheet standard look example

More examples